Hmong Philanthropy

We want to acknowledge the first Hmong giving circle chaired by Mala Thao and Cynthia Yongvang, called the Hmong Women’s Giving Circle, which was active between 2004-2009. There are currently two Hmong-led giving circles called Building More Philanthropy with Purpose in Minnesota, which is focused on social justice in the Asian community, and then Viv Ncaus: A Hmong Women’s Giving Circle in Wisconsin that is dedicated to gender equality and social change for Hmong women and girls.  

The Hmong Impact Giving Network is on a mission to unite and build a community of Hmong philanthropists to invest together in their communities. We want to build a strong membership of people who are willing to give for a greater impact in the Hmong community.

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What is a giving circle and how is the Hmong Impact Giving Network set up?

A giving circle is a group of individuals who pool their resources to give to a cause.


The Hmong Impact Giving Network is a donor-advised fund that is fiscally sponsored by Philanthropy Northwest , a 501c3 organization in Seattle, WA. All donations are made to Philanthropy Northwest and are tax deductible. 100% of donations will go toward a nonprofit program, after going through a democratic decision-making process.


You will be emailed a receipt each time you donate, which you can claim as a tax-deduction when filing your taxes. Some employers have employee giving programs or professional development funds that can go toward your membership. Please ask your employer if this program is available.

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Socioeconomic Status

According to the White House Initiative on Asian Americans, there are 12.6% of Asian Americans living below poverty levels. The largest Asian American ethnic group living below poverty level are the Hmong, consisting of roughly over 98,000 Hmong people. The Hmong Impact Giving Network acknowledges the large percentage of the Hmong working class who struggles financially. We hope to raise and distribute funds from the Hmong Impact Giving Network to support programs serving the Hmong community and enabling this community for greater opportunities.

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The Hmong Impact Giving Network is led by individuals who have a long history of serving the Hmong community as leaders, educators, artists, entrepreneurs, and working professionals. We have an altruistic objective in our community investment and aspire to raise funds and give 100% back to nonprofit programs. We want to lead the way in gaining the Hmong community's trust in philanthropy, through our individual contributions and our democratic voting process. We are taking action in the future of the Hmong community and hope to win the community's trust and admiration.

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The Hmong come from a culture of giving. We give time, gifts and a helping hand at family functions. Families help each other at different events because they will receive the same in return. Outside of family support, we also help Hmong-owned businesses, which will have a direct impact on the growth of our entire community.


We want to encourage the culture of giving through our philanthropic endeavors. We believe the Hmong Impact Giving Network will unite Hmong communities by contributing toward the Giving Circle's Fund, and creating funding opportunities.