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Built From Hope & Struggle: A Giving Circle

Historically, the Hmong families and clans have come together to help each other. The displaced Hmong are the survivors of war, and our generation lives on the idea of our luck, as another chance to live. As a first generation Hmong-American, my family’s struggles with identity, trauma, cultural stigmas, and economic opportunities are shared experiences across generations and among many other Hmong families.

The persecution of the Hmong and the escape from war resulted in their refugee status. Our generation can’t deny that we owe much of what we have today, to the Hmong refugees who pioneered and paved the way for a better life in America, or in other nations. Many struggled to assimilate into the new culture, while others sought community needs and disadvantages, as opportunities to invest and help. Young people and children were able to learn and bring hope to their community.

It is a new time and a new day for everyone in the Hmong community, to grow and change, as we transition from one generation to the next. Though, the changes I have seen have been for the better and for the worse. We highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of Hmong individuals and families in academics, politics, and community organizing. But what about our community failures and cultural issues that set us back? Some issues in the Hmong community have intensified from new found opportunities, traditional ideologies, and the lack of role models and resources for individuals. These community issues hinder our progress and they’re tough to combat.

I understand the Hmong community’s struggles and I am hopeful for the future. My friends and I started a giving circle to give back to the Hmong community. I believe that if we can unite on the basis of giving, as a seed would bring about life, the Hmong Impact Giving Circle will bring opportunities and growth. The giving circle will allocate funds annually to community organizations serving the Hmong. We envision individuals will gain valuable impact, expand their networks, and be empowered to take action personally, or professionally.

We are not alone in our struggles, and we’re not alone in wanting to help. At the Hmong Impact Giving Circle, we set aside where we come from and focus on where we want to go. No matter what your background is, we encourage you to join us, learn about the needs of the Hmong community, and make a difference. We have a mission and we see value in every voice. Let’s give rise to those around us - with our hopes high for Hmong impact.

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