The Hmong Impact Giving Network is a national network of Hmong giving circles in the US that strives to cultivate effective Hmong philanthropists, strengthening Hmong nonprofits and investing in collaborative solutions and relationships to tackle our community’s social challenges. The Hmong Impact Giving Network is fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund. 


The Hmong are dispersed throughout the world and there is a strong need to add resources to their communities.  We want to empower Hmong individuals in various regions in the United States to be part of our fundraising efforts. We strongly encourage members from different backgrounds to be involved, because every voice matters when we are a small community with a benevolent ambition. We have researched and identified stakeholders that have enabled us to create the Hmong Impact Giving Network (formerly the Hmong Impact Giving Circle), to launch in 2017.


Behind this initiative are individuals who have experiences in the nonprofit sector, and understand the impact and benefits of community programs. We understand the difficulties of programs serving the Hmong community, due to the limited resources and funding opportunities. Therefore, we hope to inspire donors who can bring their resources, knowledge, and skills to help us raise funds, and support the growth of the Hmong community. We are compelled to contribute monetary value to the Hmong Impact Giving Network, increase our visibility to drive awareness, and grow our members' community.



We envision a Hmong community that embraces a culture of giving and rises together to overcome challenges.

Our Mission

To unite and build a community of Hmong philanthropists to invest together in their communities.

Amplifying Our Giving Together

Diversity & Inclusion

  • We support and engage all who are working together to improve the Hmong community.


  • Mentorship among members will further our community’s professional development.


  • The Hmong Impact Giving Network believes that we can transform philanthropy in the Hmong community through collaboration, rapport, and strategic giving.


  • A strong donor community will enable long-term funding efforts to address current issues.

Our Values

What We Do


To fulfill our mission, HIGN supports:

1. Building the capacity of Hmong giving circles in the US and educating the Hmong community about philanthropy.

  • Providing leadership development training and resources to new and existing giving circles.

  • Educating and inspiring a new generation of social change leaders to be effective givers of their time, talent and donations to local Hmong nonprofits through a pro bono/volunteer program.


2. Advocating for a more inclusive and collective philanthropy as an empowerment tool to create social change in the Hmong community by giving Hmong philanthropists the opportunity to take the lead on all phases of grantmaking. 

  • Local giving circles: grantmaking focus area is defined by each local Hmong giving circle in their city/state.

  • National giving circle: grantmaking focus areas are social issues that impact the community at a larger scale such as mental health, gender equality, arts/Hmong culture preservation and issues faced by Hmong men/boys. 

  • International giving circle: grantmaking focus areas are education and job training/entrepreneurship.


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Hmong Impact Giving Network started in July 2017​